Io Electronics
Electronic Systems Design and Manufacture
Electronic Hardware Design

Digital Logic

Microcontrollers (8, 16, 32 bit)


Data Conversion

High Precision

High Accuracy

Power Electronics


Custom Sensors

Power Conversion


This is an area where our practical experience really comes in. Having designed so many products in so many different applications over so many years, we usually have a clear idea of what approach to take from the outset.

An adaptation of a previously tried and tested solution can quickly be integrated into a new design.

This of course saves us time (and helps us to produce a speedier result), and gives us the confidence to offer really competitive quotes, saving our clients money.

We do pride ourselves in keeping up to date with the latest technological innovations. Due to modern communications efficiencies, this is actually easier than it used to be, but there is of course so much more to keep up with, so we regularly visit our suppliers websites and attend seminars relating to new products and applications.