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Solar Power


High Accuracy / Precision

Systems Design & Build

We handle all aspects of Systems Design. We can accommodate a customer’s sub-systems to be integrated within, or handle the entire design from concept to implementation.

Problem solving is at the heart of what we do. A new solution to better solve an old problem, or something innovative and creative to solve a new problem or design challenge - these are the things which we most like to tackle.

We can work from a simple description of a challenge or problem, or we can work from a detailed, formal specification (or even somewhere in between).

So, if  your need is for example a piece of factory test equipment, a portable rugged industrial measurement and control system, a high precision / high accuracy piece of laboratory equipment, an autonomous remote solar-powered radio-connected display unit, equipment for bacterial detection, equipment for the detection of invisible cracks in metal surfaces - these are all systems which we have created - we will always be happy to discuss any new application.

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