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Io Electronics
Electronic Systems Design and Manufacture

In -house Facilities

Much of what we supply is manufactured in-house. This allows to to maintain tight control over all assembly processes, making management of quality much more straightforward than with outsourced assemblies.

When changes are required, these can be implemented quickly and smoothly.

All products are serial numbered, not only with labelling but usually via an electronic method also.

We can offer calibration and servicing of equipment originally supplied by ourselves, and maintain product registers of service history information.

We have laboratory facilities for test, alignment and calibration, and an assembly room for production. We can hand-solder all types of PCB, and we also have in-house pick-and-place surface mount assembly facilities.

We have extensive workshop capability, including milling, drilling, routing and various cutting methods.


When economics dictate, we can out-source as required. PCBs are of course outsourced, but additional assembly work can be placed out for high volume / low cost emphasis.

Hand soldering

Re-flow Soldering

Hand and Automated assembly






Brazing / welding

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