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Electronic Systems Design and Manufacture
Printed Circuit Board Design

1, 2 and 4 (or more ) layers

Through Hole

Surface Mount

Mixed Technology

Multiple Substrates

Multiple Thickness

Choice of Copper Weights

Multiple plating options



Product Integration

EMI / EMC measures

We expect to carry out Printed Circuit Board Design as an integral part of the System Design process.

The PCB is very much a custom component in any electronic system, allowing (and requiring) multiple design choices to be made with regard to matters which can significantly affect manufacturability, testability, functionality and long-term reliability of the finished product.

It is therefore VITAL to get this right. With a combination of experience (of total system design), design verification tools and the variety of simulation and prototyping methods available to us, we fully expect (and usually do find) that the very first issue of a new PCB design works fully without modification.

Our fully integrated development approach and prototyping facilities allow us to get to a fully debugged and functional design quickly and efficiently.