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Since most of our Systems Designs involve the deployment of at least one microcontroller, software design forms an essential integral part of the overall system.

Software usually defines most if not all of the detail functionality, from the user interface through core operational functions to data communication and storage.

It is therefore hugely important to start with a clear system definition / specification as a guiding document (we are often asked to create this), and then to break this down into lower levels of abstraction before coding can begin.

Documentation and testing are also extremely important aspects of the development process which help to deliver a high quality end product.

We provide software solutions in various forms - from the embedded software which drives the processors at the heart of most of our equipment - to PC hosted software which provides the means to manipulate, present and store the acquired data in numerous ways.

Latterly we are increasingly providing tablet-based software which can not only replace the traditional PC host, but play an integral part in the data-gathering functionality and communicate the data values by various wireless means.